Philip Makori

Philip Makori is a seasoned communication and public relations specialist with a diverse background in journalism and strategic communication. With writing skills, Philip has effectively crafted communication strategies for various public and private entities, non-governmental organizations, and individuals. Currently serving as the Senior Officer-Communications for the Regional Education Learning Initiative (RELI), Philip develops and implements communication strategies aligned with organizational goals, manages social media platforms, and produces quality advocacy materials. He brings a wealth of experience in media relations, branding, and event management.

Prior to his current role, Philip worked as a Senior Communications Consultant at Shillavy Communications, where he managed web and social media platforms, curated, and executed strategic campaigns for clients, and contributed to business development efforts. He also served as a Communications Consultant for the Conservation Alliance of Kenya, where he updated membership databases, drafted media invites, and assisted in event management and stakeholder mobilization. With a passion for storytelling and a commitment to excellence, Philip has consistently enhanced brand visibility across various platforms.

As we work towards establishing RELI Africa as a thought leader in education, Philip will enhance communication within RELI, taking it to the next level and showcasing its impact.

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