Nyambura Thiong’o

Nyambura brings a decade of valuable experience to the field of education as a Country Coordinator, Kenya Chapter. Prior to her role at the Regional Education Learning Initiative Africa (RELI Africa), she served as a Research Officer at the African Population and Health Research Center for five years. During this time, she held the responsibility of managing the urban education project.

One of her key strengths is her proven track record in project management. Nyambura has successfully executed various projects across East Africa, showcasing her ability to navigate the intricate landscape of education in the region with efficiency and efficacy. This experience has honed her skills in project planning, execution, and monitoring, ensuring that initiatives are carried out smoothly and achieve their intended goals.

Nyambura possesses a keen insight into the education policies and political dynamics of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. This knowledge allows her to adeptly synthesize complex educational issues within the context of these countries.

She has also authored articles, blogs, op-eds and contributed to scientific writing on relevant educational topics. This commitment to sharing knowledge and insights reflects her passion for the sector and a desire to contribute to meaningful discourse and solutions.

Nyambura holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and Community Development and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Environmental Health at Kenyatta University, which enhances her ability to address the broader context of health and well-being within the education sector.

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