Mauro Giacomazzi

Dr. Mauro Giacomazzi, an accomplished professional with a master’s degree in economics and a PhD in Education, currently holds the position of Technical Advisor for the Luigi Giussani Foundation (LGF). With a career spanning over 20 years, Dr. Giacomazzi has dedicated himself to fostering educational development in various local institutions across East Africa most especially in Uganda.

Presently, Dr. Giacomazzi plays a pivotal role as the Co-Principal Investigator of the Assessment of Life Skills and Values in East Africa (ALiVE) project. This initiative is a vital component of the Regional Education and Learning Initiative (RELI), aimed at transforming the educational landscape in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. ALiVE’s primary focus is to bring about a significant transformation in the education systems of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda by enhancing the nurturing of life skills and values using assessment tools that are customized to suit local settings. These tools evaluate essential skills and values such as self-awareness, collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking, curiosity, creativity, and respect all with the ultimate objective to improve students’ overall quality of life and learning outcomes.

Beyond his involvement in assessment endeavors, Dr. Giacomazzi boasts extensive experience in designing professional development programs tailored to enhance teachers’ instructional skills. These programs specifically target the cultivation of higher-order thinking skills within the classroom. Collaborating closely with the Ministry of Education and Sports in Uganda, Dr. Giacomazzi actively contributes to the development of strategies for systemic improvements within the education sector.

Dr. Giacomazzi’s contributions are not limited to East Africa alone. He has extended his expertise to a diverse array of countries, including South Sudan, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Mozambique, Jordan, Lebanon, and Myanmar. In these regions, he has successfully developed and implemented programs aimed at continually enhancing the skills and expertise of teachers and education.

Beyond his professional commitments, Dr. Giacomazzi finds solace in reading and relishes the opportunity to connect with passionate educators from all corners of the world.

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