Jane Nantayi Sebuyungo currently serves as the Co-Lead Teacher Development and Support at RELI in Uganda. She is the Associate Head of Design and Programme Readiness at STIR Education based in Uganda which partners with governments to create a world where teachers love teaching and children love learning.

Jane is a passionate educator, trainer, and gender specialist with a wealth of experience. Her expertise encompasses codesigning programs with governments and partners, curriculum design, and innovations, grounded in a deep understanding of teaching and learning pedagogy and gender-responsive approaches. She excels in incorporating principles of intrinsic motivation into educational systems and leveraging edtech for teacher professional development.

In her multifaceted career, Jane has demonstrated proficiency in project management, programme design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, gender and inclusion initiatives radio and blended teacher development, girls’ education advocacy, mentoring, leadership, and youth skills training. Her roles have included serving as a program coordinator, Regional Program Officer, Senior Programme coordinator, school academic and career guidance teacher, and as a dedicated classroom teacher. Jane is adept at coaching and mentoring, facilitating workshops, and influencing and training of trainers. Jane holds a Masters in Gender Studies and a BA in Education, Literature, and English Language from Makerere University and is an Unlock Impact Fellow. Currently pursuing a Master’s in Curriculum Studies at Makerere University, she continues to deepen her knowledge and skills in the field.

In her current capacity, Jane plays a pivotal role in the Co-Lead Teacher Development and Support at RELI. She also spearheads the Associate Head of Design and Programme Readiness role at STIR Education, contributing significantly to the organization’s objective of creating an environment where both teachers and students thrive.

Jane is more than an accomplished professional; she is a collaborative leader, sharing learnings, an inspirational speaker, a motivator, and a coach with entrepreneurial skills. Passionate about collaborative efforts, she seeks to strengthen education systems, ensuring intrinsic motivation is at the core. Her commitment extends to supporting girls’ education and marginalized learners, creating an inclusive and intentional learning environment for all.

In summary, Jane Nantayi Sebuyungo stands as a dynamic educationist and collaborative leader, dedicated to transforming education systems for the better. Her multifaceted skills, coupled with her passion for intrinsic motivation and inclusive learning, make her a valuable asset in the pursuit of quality education for all.

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