Faith Muisyo

Faith Muisyo is a dynamic leader specializing in Strategy Development, Operations, and Organizational Development. With her extensive experience across Africa in multimillion-dollar organizations, Faith has a proven track record in driving operational excellence, scaling impact, and strengthening institutional systems and teams. She is adept at working within board and executive teams to foster a collaborative culture and instill a strong sense of ownership among leaders and their teams. Faith’s accomplishments include significantly scaling beneficiaries through the LeadNow App, an innovative digital platform for professional development. She has successfully managed governance and risk, leading to substantial savings in potential fines and donor clawbacks. Faith has also increased funding through collaborative proposal development and led the development of a 5-Year Strategic Plan for Africa, which resulted in significant growth. Her core competencies lie in strategic program design and development, operational management, change strategy, corporate and board governance, organizational development strategy, legal risk and regulatory compliance, network building, training facilitation and coaching, stakeholder engagement and management, and program management.

Faith’s key appointments include Program Director at Dignitas Ltd., Kenya, and various leadership roles in organizations like Fairtrade Africa Ltd., South Africa, and World Vision International. Her experience in these roles has equipped her with critical insights into operational support, strategic oversight, advocacy, partnership development, and strategic growth.

Her educational background includes a Master of Science in Leadership and Change Management from Leeds Beckett University, UK, and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from Kenyatta University.

In board positions, Faith brings a wealth of experience and expertise, particularly in driving high standards, unique approaches to systemic challenges, and her extensive experience in donor relations. Her leadership is marked by a commitment to transformative change, operational excellence, and fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

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