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SPA Infosuv East Africa Ltd is an experienced projects procurement consulting firm that provides value added services to Clients in Africa and other emerging markets. The firm is based in Nairobi, Kenya, with operations in the African continent and emerging economies. It was formed as a business name in FY2002 and later as a limited company in FY2005. Our Clients mainly get projects funding from international development partners such as the World Bank and the African Development Bank. In the past twelve years, we have worked as a team to achieve growth for stakeholders through delighting and exceeding our Client expectations.


The SPA vision is to lead in consulting through innovation and provide practical solutions for organizations, projects, research and training in Africa and emerging market economies.


The SPA strategy is to add creative service levels in solving an array of customer challenges and doing so with professional confidence. This strategy translates directly into our ability to assist Clients to achieve their set development objectives and organizational objectives.


What We Do

We offer empirical research solutions on economic, social, management, industrial relations, education, trade, health, infrastructure issues in the public, private, and development sectors. In management studies, we provide surveys in customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, work environment, integrity and anti-corruption, institutional capacity assessment, training needs assessments

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